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saudi kings

All the secular countries around the world are watching Saudi Arabia closely after the crowning of King Salman. Here’s hoping that finally the country will take a step towards enlightenment.

King Faisal had certainly been a favorite amongst many though when it actually came to doing anything, it took him all of 90 years to take a single baby step forward. That was when Saudi Arabia condemned the Charie Hebdo murders. But then quickly lashed Raif Bawadi anyway, just in case people got ideas that they could actually say anything they wanted in the House of Sauds.

Congratulations are pouring in from everywhere from friendly nations like America, and even pet nations like Pakistan. Morale is high as well as hopes regarding his new much younger alert counter part. After a big family power struggle, the new 79 year old Sudairi King is expected to bring about great winds of change.

He is known to suffer from a few quirks which people are not allowed to publicize lest it upsets him. He has the Dori syndrome. I had the chance to interview his highness but had to be reintroduced to him every 5 minutes, which made the actual interview though amusing, extremely difficult.

When I asked him how he felt about being King he said, “With two of my brothers gone, and FayFay just refusing to go, I thought I would never be King. Muqrin luckily had a non-Saudi Yemini mother so now finally….. what was I saying? Oh yes, I think I want to eat a stuffed camel. Who are you?”

Where is stuffed lamb?

Where is stuffed camel?

After a few more incidences like this, I was quickly showed the door by the family.

Politely shown out.

In the long run, depending on how long the young King lives, the Dori syndrome might prove very advantageous for the people as he might just simply forget to punish them for having a reasoning mind. He might also forget that people from the subcontinent are not actually ‘masakeen’ but real people who deserve to have equal human rights.

I will keep everyone posted as each day goes by, in hopes that should the King read this, he forgets in the next 2 minutes.

*This is not intended to insult anyone with any similar medical ailments. This is just about the King and Saudi Arabia.